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Building permit (11.02.2019) 100%
Start of the construction (27.03.2019) 100%
Excavation activities 100%
Pouring a foundation slab 100%
Basement 100%
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Акт 14 (28.02.2020)
Internal plasters
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Who we are?

The company New Home OOD was founded in 2015 having the following major business objectives: construction, operation, maintenance and reconstruction of buildings and facilities. Before founding this company the managing owners and the construction team have built twenty-six residential buildings in the territory of Sofia in the areas of Reduta, Hadzhi Dimitar, Kambanite and in the territory of Varna as well as twenty-four residential buildings in Moscow, Russia.


The Building

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Manastirski Livadi

Manastirski Livadi Area is one of the capital’s most promising areas. An indisputable advantage of the area is the fast connection to the center via Bulgaria Blvd. This is one of the newest and most dynamically developing areas of Sofia. The area is distinguished for its fresh air and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The infrastructure is very well organized as Bulgaria Mall, Victoria Restaurant, Billa Store, kindergartens, schools and St. Sofia Multiprofile Hospital of Active Treatment are within walking distance of the site.

The lift reaching the heart of the mountain and the ski slopes lies in the immediate vicinity. The proximity to Vitosha is the reason to the specific microclimate and fresh air in the area. As opposed to the distance from the pollution of the big city the proximity to the center of Sofia is enviable, only 15 minutes by car. And by public transport the use of the fastest road artery in the city, Bulgaria Blvd makes it easy to move.


The site “Residential Building with Underground Garages” is located on the Regulated Plot XV-715, Quarter 34, Housing Estate of Manastirski Livadi, Triaditsa Region, Sofia City.

The property is located in the “Medium-level Residential Area”, with spatial indicators specified in the approved detailed development plan for the respective area, namely: Building Density 50%; Coefficient of building intensity 2.3; Percentage of landscaping on the terrain 35%, maximum cornice height – 15 m.

The terrain is relatively flat.

The walking and car access to the building, the access to the apartments at the ground level and the main entrance are from the northwest. The approach to the underground garages is achieved through a ramp. The approach to the garages on the ground floor is achieved within the property through a low curb from the adjacent street.

The object is a five-storey residential building and one terraced floor, with underground garages and garages at the ground level.

On the first floor, at elevation of ± 0.00, there is a foyer, a security room and a bathroom thereto; room for general needs; 6 (six) garages, three of which are for two cars; two apartments – one two-room apartment and one three-room apartment. Yards on the ground level are planned to the apartments.

On the second floor, at elevation of +2.95 m, there are 5 (five) apartments: three three-room ones and two two-room ones.

On the third, fourth and fifth residential floors (respectively at elevations of +5.90 m, +8.85 m, +11.80 m), there are also 5 (five) apartments on each of them: three three-room ones and two two-room ones.

On the sixth terraced floor, at an elevation of +14.75 m, there are two apartments: one three-room apartment and one four-room apartment with adjoining roof terraces.

The two-room apartments have an entrance hall, a bathroom, a kitchenette with a dining area, a living room, a bedroom, a balcony or a loggia or a terrace. The three-room apartments have an entrance hall, two bathrooms, a kitchenette with a dining area, a living room, two bedrooms, a balcony or a loggia or a terrace. Each apartment has a laundry room and a storage room – a closet.

The clear floor height of the apartments is 2.63 m.

The building has a basement floor at an elevation of – 3.10 m. The access to it from the ground level is done by a ramp with a clear width of 3.80 m and a slope of 15%.

At the basement level, there are 14 garages and 4 parking spaces and a maneuvering zone. The clear height of this floor is 2.70 m.

The connection between the floors of the building is realized by means of a reinforced concrete staircase and an elevator. The underground floor is separated from the staircase by a single-leaf self-closing metal door opening in the evacuation direction and having a fire resistance limit of EI 60.

For a second evacuation exit from the underground floor there is a pavement in the width of the ramp and a single-leaf door, built in the sectional door – the entrance garage door at the ground level.

The building meets the requirements for accessibility of the environment as well as the requirements of the investor.

The structure of the building is monolithic reinforced concrete, skeleton-beamless. The foundations are solved with a common foundation slab. The anti-seismic discs are consistent with the main distribution of the floors. The outer walls will be made of ceramic bricks with a thickness of 25 cm. At some places, the walls will be reinforced concrete ones with a thickness of 25 cm.

The inner walls between the separate apartments will be made of a brick wall with a thickness of 25 cm and the inner partition walls will be made of a brick wall with a thickness of 12 cm.

The walls of the full toilet and bathrooms with a plumbing installation and adjacent to the bedrooms will be constructed of two layers of brick wall with a thickness of 12 cm with an air gap.

On the walls of the bedrooms adjacent to the staircase, there will be a plasterboard front liner with mineral wool insulation.

The vertical installation packages will be closed with a 5 cm thick stud plasterboard construction.

The external windows will be PVC or aluminium with interrupted thermal bridge, with triple glazing. The parapets on the building (balconies, loggias and terraces) are planned to be with a solid board and tempered glass with a height of 1.05 m.

 The facades will be solved in two main materials:

  1. cladding of HPL panels or stone with thermal insulation of stone wool (of type “ventilated facade”)
  2. high-class façade water-repellent plaster of Baumit with thermal insulation EPS; The socle of the building will be made of stone.

The garage sectional doors will be with remote opening and closing, equipped with comfortable drive and shut-off automatic system for reliable stopping when a sudden obstacle has occurred.

A stone pavement on the floor of the foyer, the staircase and the common areas is planned.

The entrance doors of the apartments will be armoured, covered with natural veneer and fitted with a high-level locking system.

The elevator system will be delivered by a reputable manufacturer, KONE or OTIS.

The property where the building is located will be surrounded by a tracery wrought iron fence. The inner yard will be landscaped by a design of a landscape architect, with elements of the park environment such as summer-houses, pergolas, children’s playground, garden lighting.

The main electrical board is located outside the building, in a niche of the façade wall, with independent and permanent access provided, according to the requirements of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD.

The roof of the building is flat, of а reinforced concrete structure with all necessary insulation layers and coatings typical of this type of roofing.

The heating of the building will be on gas. Terminals for fitting of air conditioning systems for each apartment are planned.

All installations under Electrical, Water Supply and Sewerage, Heating and Ventilation Parts will be presented with corresponding projects meeting the current standards and requirements.

The designed Residential Building with Underground Garages enters the area under the design visa issued on 20.09.2017 and meets all the design requirements in accordance with the applicable norms and regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.

  1. Floor space of the building: 437.8 sq.m.
  2. Floor area of the building

(for the coefficient of building intensity):        2801.4 sq.m

  • Floor area above the elevation ±0.00:   2801.4 sq.m
  • Floor area under the elevation ±0.00:   907.2 sq.m.
  • Total floor area:  3708.6 sq.m.
  1. Area of the Regulated Plot XV-715, Quarter 34: 1218   sq.m.
  2. Building Density = 36 %
  3. Coefficient of building intensity = 2.3

under the Detailed         under the project

Development Plan

Building Density                                                  50.0%                                 36%

Coefficient of building intensity                       2.3                                        2.3

Landscaping                                                         35%                                      35%

  1. Total number of apartments: 24 (twenty-four);
  2. Number of parking spaces planned: 24
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